Jamaican Dough Bread

Jamaican dough sweet bread- this is a special type of bread and highly sought after.

Jamaican dough sweet bread- is similar to the Pullman loaf or pain de mie but much tastier.

Can be eaten with spreads such as butter, cheese or jam; for dipping into liquids, a common one being hot chocolate; or to make sandwiches. This dough bread is more resistant than Pullman bread to becoming soggy and breaking apart in sandwiches with fried, greasy fillings.




Sugar 5.99%, Yeast, Water, Vegetable oil 2.49%, Margarine, Salt, Wheat flour 58.2%


Jamaican Banana Loaf

Jamaican Banana Loaf- bursting full of fruity inclusions and bags of flavour



Everyone who have eaten our banana bread says it is the best banana bread they have ever had. Taste it for yourself. Also available with Lime & lemon topping and Dark Chocolate topping

Plain Jamaican Banana Loaf

Wheat Flour 33.75%, White Sugar 13.8%, Bananas 9.38%, Eggs, Brown sugar, Cream 6.49%, Margarine polyunsaturated 5.19%, Baking powder, Potassium sorbate 0.19% Soft Cheese, Vanilla extract, Lime, Coconut, Walnuts, Almonds




Chocolate Jamaican Banana loaf

Wheat Flour 32.58%, White Sugar 10.7%, Bananas 8.88%, Eggs, Brown sugar, Cream 5.92%, Margarine polyunsaturated 4.73%, Baking powder, Soft Cheese, Vanilla extract, Lime, Coconut, Walnuts, Almonds, Potassium sorbate 0.18%, Dark cooking chocolate chips 8.88%


NB- For Allergens Please check individual packs. Allergens given are indicative only.